NYU FRE 7871: Project Introduction

Important Dates:

Tuesday, 9/14: Project introduction.

Tuesday, 9/21: Project proposals due via submission on NYU Brightspace/Classes.

Tuesday, 10/5: Project midterm presentations and discussion.

Tuesday, 10/26: Project final presentations and discussion.

Project Motivation

The course project is an important component of this course. Most day-to-day work in quantitative trading involves a mixture of:

In this project you will chose a topic to explore using the above set of steps.

Project Requirements


Due: Tuesday, 9/21 (one per team), via submission on NYU Brightspace/Classes.

Submit a project proposal detailing:

Suggestion: The more detailed and concrete your proposal is, the easier it will be for me help guide you to help ensure your project has a high likelihood of success. It is much better to get feedback early in the process so you can adjust focus and priorities as necessary, rather than wait until the end. If you have any questions along the way, please reach out at any time.